Little Stories for Speech, Language & Literacy {App Review} and GIVEAWAY!

I am always looking for activities that I can use to target both articulation and language goals, so when I came across this app, I had to try it out!  Little Stories for Speech, Language, and Literacy is an app by the great people over at Little bee Speech that is available for the iPad only at the iTunes store.

How To Use This App
Little stories are exactly that...little stories.  They are exactly 100-words long.  You can select each story based on:
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  • Phonemic Targets: /l/, l blends, /r/, r blends, /s/, s blends, and th 
  • Story Title: alphabetized selections 
  • Themes: working as a team, having compassion for others, following instructions, etc.
  • Reading Level: level A ages 6.5-7.5, level B ages 7-8.5, or level C ages 8-9.5
There are 82 different stories to choose from, so you will have plenty of stories to use with your students.

Once you select the story, you will have the option to record your student reading the story.  This recording can be saved and scored for reading fluency.  I can also see this being used for recording speech fluency too.  There is also an option for having the story read out loud to your student.  You can scroll down to read along.  At the bottom of the story is a button to click to check comprehension.

When you click the Check Comprehension button, you will have four different options:
  • Story Retell- Record the student retelling the story in their own words.  You can then score this story based on story structure (orientation, complication, action, resolution, ending) or expressive language (nouns & pronouns, verbs, adjectives & adverbs, prepositions, delivery).

  • Sequencing- Students drag the statements to the correct order.
  • WH Questions- Students answer who, what, where, when, and how questions regarding the story.  You can have the student attempt to answer the question without a choice of answers and then check their answer, or you can go right to four multiple choice answers and have your student choose.                                                                                                                                          I think the multiple choice are really easy for the students to figure out without really comprehending the story.  There is only one option with the characters names or other information, so it is very easy to choose because of heavy context clues.  I really like to have the students try to answer without the choices first.  ***I have spoken with the app developers about the WH questions, and they have let me know that on the next update, there will be more difficult WH questions.

  • Story Talk- This section guides student through some conversation about the story.

This app gives you the ability to track data on your students.  you can select or add a student in order to keep track of data that you have collected in any of these areas.

Within the story, there is also an option for flashcards.  You can look at sight words or words that focus on the phoneme you were targeting.

What Do I Think?
This is a great app to target a variety of skills in your speech and language groups.  I can definitely see the advantages to using this in your mixed groups.  The stories are simple and engaging.  I love all of the different ways of tracking data.  

The current price for this app is $41.99.  This is 30% off of the regular price of $59.99.  This price will change back on February 1, so grab the deal while you can.

**You can also enter to win a FREE copy of this app by going over to my Instagram post and commenting.**
This giveaway will run from 1/24 - 1/28/2018.  Winner will be announced on 1/29/2018.

I was provided with a copy of this app by the developer for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any way.  The opinions and comments about this app are my own.

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