It's Cyber Monday- Let's Have a Sale!

Cyber Monday is one of my favorite sale days. Between Black Friday and this, I always try to grab as many of my holiday gifts as I can.  I also love to get ready for the coming weeks and the first few weeks in January so I can enjoy my downtime with family.

This year I am prepping for the Winter theme.  Here are some goodies that I am using this year and that you can grab at the TpT sale on Dec. 2 and 3 (Monday and Tuesday) for 25% off when you use the code CYBER19.
This is a great kit to use with your preschool language students to work on the winter theme.
I am making sure that I have all of the pieces for my interactive books and making sure all of my worksheets are printed for my Preschool Language Theme Kit: Winter.  This is a fun set of interactive books and activities to work on during sessions.  There is even a two page parent handout to send home.

These winter interactive books are great to use with your students who are working on expanding utterances.  Great for preschoolers, students with autism, and students with developmental delays.
If you just want a couple of interactive books with the winter theme without all of the extras, I also have these Winter Interactive Books that have had great feedback. My students love moving the pieces around in these interactive books, and I love the language expansion that I can get from them.

These Articulation Glue and Say pages are a great way to work on a variety of sounds in all positions of words using a winter snowman theme.

If you need some articulation materials, these Glue and Say Articulation: Snowman are great for a variety of students on your caseload.  There are 59 pages of words in total, using all sounds in all positions of words.
If you are looking for something fun to send home for extra practice over holiday breaks, consider these Articulation Say and Find pages.  My students love searching for all of the words.  This product also targets all sounds in all positions of words.

I hope you snag some good deals today, I know I’m searching for a few things myself.  Enjoy!

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