Chain Letter Link-Up

This  chain letter "link-up" idea was created by Teach Speech 365. It is in an effort to connect all these great SLP/education blogs.

This is how the chain letter will work: Teach Speech 365 originally interviewed 4 bloggers.  They in turn, interviewed two more people.  Now I have had the opportunity to interview an additional blogger, who will in turn interview 2 more. Each of those will interview 2, etc. Each will also do a blog post with the interview questions and adding the "Chain Letter Link-Up" label. Hopefully, readers will enjoy following the chain and you might be introduced to some new blogs! Thanks to everyone who agreed to participate!  I have not yet heard from anyone else, but I was able to interview a great SLP/blogger named Maureen Wilson from


1. Your name, email, blog address, link to TpT store if you have one
Name: Maureen Wilson, M.S., CCC-SLP

2. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging about 2 weeks ago. I kept reading all of these wonderful blogs with helpful hint and reviews. I realized that I wanted to contribute. We all have ideas and tricks that we use, and I wanted to share mine with the hopes that it could be that bit of advice that would could help an SLP who feels like they may have run out of options.

3. What is your favorite population to work with?
For me it's a tie! I love working with students on the spectrum as well as Deaf/HH. I love the fresh perspective that my students with Autism bring. They see things so differently sometimes that it can stop and make you, "Wow!" As for my Deaf/HH students. I spent a number of years working with Deaf/HH students, primarily ones with cochlear implants. Watching their speech grow from nothing to full conversations is one of the most amazing experiences possible.

4. How much time per week do you spend blogging and/or creating materials?
I probably spend way more time on the computer than I should, but I really enjoy it. I spend about 5 hours a week blogging and depending on the material I am working on anywhere from 8-10 hours a week. The weekend is a whole other story. Most people I know ask why I spend so much time on everything, saying " Isn't it just like going to work again once you go home?". For me its not. I don't know why but making something for my kids and seeing them use it and enjoy it, is a very satisfying experience. I like posting on new information on my blog or how an activity went over with my kids. Most of the time I hope someone will comment with feedback or something that they do with there kids that is a hit.

5. What's your favorite topic to create materials for?
I really enjoy creating language activities, mainly in semantics. I love vocabulary. Learning what words mean and how to use them can be very challenging for my kids, so I feel I need to really be creative with these activities. You can only do the same vocabulary flashcards so many times before you start to get bored. I want to find away to engage my students and make it fun. Most of them dislike working on semantics because it is so difficult for them, so if I can make it more fun, then they can retain the information better.

6. What's the best thing about blogging?
The best thing about blogging I feel is the concept that you get to share the ideas that you are proud of with EVERYONE! Someone looking for information can go into google, type it in, and TA-DA, you blog pops up with the information they need. I think that is really cool, I hope that doesn't make me to much of a nerd.

7. Do you have any blogging tips?
The tips I would give would be to post often if you want people to read consistently. People want to read new information to see if there is anything they can use. Also, making that information applicable is important. You can always post your opinions and thoughts, but helpful, practical information is something everyone needs.

8. Add a question and answer of your choice (can be speech related or not).
Question: If you could do anything else what would it be?
Answer: Not a darn thing. I love being a speech-pathologist! I get to help people say "I love you" to their families, feel like that are good in school because they can finally comprehend the information from the teacher. There is no job that is greater than that.


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