Category Sorting

Category sorting is a great activity for multiple populations.  I work on categories with students in preschool, kindergarten, and basic classrooms.  I was getting bored with my Boardmaker pictures that I was using to categorize, so I decided to make a new activity that targets category sorting with new pictures.  Because of the blah weather around here (Michigan) I wanted some bright colors.  So, what came out of those thoughts was...

Category Sorting!

There are 10 different mats and 40 different item cards to sort.  There are two sets of the item cards- black outlined cards and color coded cards.

The categories are:
  • farm animals
  • letters
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • numbers
  • shapes
  • zoo animals
  • vehicles
  • toys
  • playground equipment

Here is an example of two mats and the color coded cards that go with them:

I made two sets of item cards.  There is a color coded set like you see above.  The outline of each card matches the mat.  I also made a set that has black outlines, so that the students do not match the color and have to really focus on the category.  I thought that the color coded set would help my students with ASD to work on this activity, and then I plan on fading out to the black outline cards as they learn the activity.

You can get this category sorting activity HERE.

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