Language Empires- App Review

Thank you to Smarty Ears for allowing me to review their newest app!  Language Empires is the newest app from Smarty Ears.  This app was designed for elementary age students and targets 8 different language areas.

I recommend starting with the video tutorial, where Barbara will guide you through how to use the app.  You can click the “Quick Play” button to play without setting up players to collect data.

First, click “Visit the City” to add students to the app.  You will type in their names and can pick either a real picture or an avatar.  When you are done inputting the names of your students, select the student names that will be using the app during your session.  This app allows for 1 to 5 players at a time.  Click the “Settings” button to decide if you want written display of questions, type of feedback for wrong answers, and the choice of playing audio or not.

Next, you will select the goals you would like to address.  There are 8 different empires, which represent the different goals.  Drag your players to the empire on the map.  Players may be placed in different empires during the same session, and can also be placed in multiple empires during the session to target multiple goals.

Students will now begin answering multiple choice answers for each language skill.  The 8 language goals that are targeted are as follows:
Figurative Language


How Questions



Which Questions


Why Questions

When you have finished playing the game, press the “Done” button.  This will take you to a results page.  Click on the student’s picture, and then “View Reports” to see the data for that session.  The graph shown gives you overall performance on the game.  On the right hand side, each session date is listed.  Data for each target goal is listed with percentages.  Click “View Trophies” to see awards that can be collected throughout the game.

What do I think?

What I like: I like that this app has eight different frequently used language skills/goals targeted.  I also like that multiple students can work on multiple skills at the same time.  This app utilizes real pictures as cues for the questions, which I also like.

What could make it better: The narrator reads the questions to students, but not the answers.  I will end up reading the questions to students, but it would be nice to have an option for the app to read the answers.  If the answers were read, students with limited reading skills would be able to be more independent with this app.

Overall: I would recommend Language Empires to any speech-language pathologist who has language students on their caseload. 

Price: Currently $19.99, until 1/10/13 when the app will move to the full price of $29.99.

**I was provided with a copy of this app in order to complete a review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review.  Thank you Smarty Ears for the opportunity!

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