Speech Dollar Days

A few months ago, I stumbled on a post by Speech Room News about a dollar challenge.  From this, I decided to try "Dollar Days".  I have challenged my students to say 100 words in a session to earn one "speech dollar".  After 10 dollars, they get a trip to my prize box.

Before they can participate in a dollar day, their sound needs to be established enough to be able to do at least one syllable words.  Most of the students that participate are able to do their sound in all positions of words if given some visual and verbal cues.  I don't want to be reinforcing wrong productions 100 times!

We made cute little speech wallets where the students are keeping their "dollars". 


Some of the students have decorated theirs, but they put their lasts names on them, so I did not want to show them.  They look really cute though, and the kids love having a wallet.  They keep them in their speech folders that are kept in my room.

When the students say their 100 words and earn a dollar, I make sure to write their name on it for them so that I know that I gave it to them, and so they don't get mixed up.

The kids are so eager to earn their 10 dollars, but most of my articulation students are only seen once a week.  I decided that they need more opportunities to practice these words and to earn dollars.  I made homework pages for them to take home and have signed by a parent.  Each page has 100 words on it.  The pages have the sound they are working on in the beginning, middle, and end of words.  If I have a student who is only working on initial position, or only final position, I can easily highlight the words I want them to practice.

So far I have made practice sheets for S, R (both vocalic and prevocalic), L, TH, and multisyllable words.  This just happens to be the sounds that my students who can read are currently working on.  I want to share these practice sheets with you.   Click here for these freebies:

Dollar Days Practice Sheets

Thanks Jenna, for a great idea to use with my students!  I hope my additional practice sheets are useful to more of you too!


  1. Great idea with the wallets!!! Thank you for sharing the worksheets!!!

  2. This activity will greatly help my students. Love it! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  3. Awesome way to extend Jenna's great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the wallets! I'm planning a "100 Club" for the 100th day of school, but this would be a great way to extend that beyond one day a year.


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