There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!

Next week, my Kindergarten phonemic awareness group is going to focus on the book: There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! By: Lucille Colandro.   I think this book is so cute.  My son who is also in Kindergarten had to do a book report this week, and he picked this book.  I also used this book in a social language group that I run with the school social worker.  Everyone loves this book!

My phonemic awareness book companion pack includes activities for syllable awareness, rhyming, onset-rime blending, and sound blending.

There are five activities in this packet:
How Many Syllables?

Recognizing Rhyme

Generating Rhyme

Blending Monosyllable Words (Onset-Rime)

Sound Blending 

My students have been loving the activities in my phonemic awareness book companion packs.  I can't wait to use this one next week!  If you want to use it too, you can click HERE to purchase at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


  1. Awesome pack. This would go great in my materials. I like that you could do artic and this together and build off the book for other things too. I have been doing weekly themes for every kid and that works well for me lately.

    1. I think adding in artic would be a great idea. I love having a theme that can work for many students also. It is a great time saver, and I think using literature is a great way to bridge into the classroom too.


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