Paper Dolls

Over the break, I found a great thrift store near my house.  With two boys at home, I rarely get to look at girl toys, or anything pink.  So, when I saw these magnet dress up dolls at the thrift store, I had to get them for school.  I have a little girl at school who I knew would love them.

Today, we worked on following and giving directions of how to dress the dolls.  I gave the student specific directions using adjectives to describe the clothes and the girl.  I then asked my student to give me specific directions.  This was really difficult for her.  I realized how difficult it was for her to describe and give specific directions. Through this simple activity, I was able to get a great language sample and really hear some of the difficulties that I am sure she has in the classroom with describing and getting to the point.  Paper (or magnet) dolls are a great way to target both expressive and receptive language skills, specifically with following directions, giving directions, and describing.

It was so fun to find a cheap, $.99 activity that served so many purposes- my need to buy pink included!

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