Caribou Island Feelings

Today in my ASD social-language group, we played Caribou Island- Feelings.  We are working on our students identifying their feelings, and wanted a way to expand them talking about being happy and sad.  We adapted the Caribou Island game (which I might have stolen from my own kids).  We took a bunch of Boardmaker pictures that depict things that could make you happy or sad (swimming, pizza, fighting, pain, etc.), and cut them to fit the Caribou Island game board.  Then, we printed a bunch of happy and sad cards.  The students picked a happy or sad card, and then had to find a picture on the game board that would make them feel that way.

After they chose the activity that would make them happy or sad, they got to use the key to open that door on the board game.  The object is to find all of the coins to open the treasure box.
Our students did really well with this game.  They had fun hunting for the coins and waiting for the "treasure" to open!  The school social worker and I decided that next week we will try to apply all of their great new conversation skills (see my blog tomorrow) and put topics on the game board.  They will have to ask a question about the topic to open the space.  Looking forward to trying this game again next week!


  1. Really cute adaptation! I've used this game (well, the older version) for articulation, seasonal vocabulary, etc., but I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you have a template? I would really love to use your idea in group.

    1. Let me look at school tomorrow. If I do, I can send it to you. Send me an email at, and I will see what I have.

    2. Hey Jen - I love this too! I feel like there are so many concepts to work into this awesome game. If you do have a template, I would love to use too! Not sure if you had one to share with Maria. I'll email you too. :)


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