Puzzle Book

I used one of my favorite thrift store finds today... my Melissa and Doug Animal Puzzle Book. 

Sometimes I use this for a reinforcing item, but today I used it as a categorizing and labeling activity.  I have a student who is working on labeling items, and thought this would be a great activity for him.  He knew a lot of the animals, so we worked on labeling the ones that he did not know.  I gave him a piece of the puzzle, he named it, and then we needed to find out where it went.

There are four categories of animals in this book: Zoo Animals, Farm Animals, Pet Friends, and Sea Animals.  I have my students go through the pages to find the category in which their animal belongs.  There are pictures in the book, so really it can just be a matching activity, but it can lead to categorizing.

I love it when I can find something that has multiple purposes!  I'm sure you could just use a regular puzzle for this activity, or even two puzzles that have different categories of items.  There are so many great wooden puzzles out there that are really easy for students to manipulate.

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