Spring People Sentences

Did you like my FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers called Winter People Sentences?  Then you will love my new FREEBIE called: Spring People Sentences!  I know, really creative naming. :) 

Spring People Sentences targets the third person pronouns 'he', 'she', and 'they'.  I use this primarily with my ASD population, but it could be used for preschool or kindergarten students who are confusing pronouns.

I laminate and cut out all of the item pictures and then place an item picture in the box under one of the kids pictures.  The student can then state their sentence based on the item picture.  I included a variety of colors of the objects so that students can also describe using color words.  An example of a sentence would be: "She has a red kite." 

I also included boards without the sentence strip so that students may create their own sentences.

I hope you enjoy this new FREEBIE!  You can get it HERE!


  1. Super cute idea! Thanks! I have several types of students that I will use this activity with this spring!

  2. These activities are great. Thanks for sharing !


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