R Intensive App Review

Sorry, I have really been MIA these last few weeks!  My son and my husband have the same birthday, and this year we were celebrating some big ones!  5 and 40!  Lots of parties and planning to create a fun time for all.  So, let me get back to blogging!  I am going to start out with an app review today.

I was given the chance to try out the app R Intensive by Smarty Ears Apps.  This app was recently updated in January, 2013, and is compatible with their Therapy Report Center.

Press the Support button to find a video tutorial of the app.  Press Quick Play to select play a game without collecting data for a particular player.

To start this app, you press Select Student.  This screen then allows you to add players to the app and select who is going to use the app.

After you select the players (up to four may play at one time), you press Start and then go to the next screen to select your activity.  The options are flashcards, matching, and guess what? 

When you select your activity, you will then select your /r/.  There are six different vocalic /r/ choices, a prevocalic /r/ choice, /rl/, and clusters available to choose from.

After you select your /r/, you then can choose the level that you want to work at.  For flashcards and memory, you have a choice of word, phrase, or sentence.  There is only one level for the guess what game.

I really like the Guess What? game.   The student is given a question to answer.  The answer is one of their /r/ words.

When you are finished with the game, you press Done.  This takes you to the results page.  You click on the student name to display results. 


You can press Share to e-mail the results, print, or open in Therapy Report Center (TRC).

What do I think?
What I like: I like the option of having vocalic, pre-vocalic, and clusters to work on.  I also like how they have the flashcards set up so that you can work on word, phrase, or sentences without exiting the app.  I one sitting, you can work on all three options and collect data.  There is also a nice amount of different words to work on in each position.
I really like the Guess What questions.  Students with language disorders may have a bit of difficulty with this, but it could be a good activity to target questions while targeting articulation too!

What could be better: Honestly, there is not much I don't like about this app.  I think it provides exactly what it says it is going to provide.

You can get this app here.  The cost is currently $19.99.

** I was provided with a copy of this app by Smarty Ears in order to complete this review. I was not compensated in any other way for the review. Thank you Smarty Ears for giving me this opportunity.


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