Review: Narrative Assessment of Preschool and School Aged Children

About two years ago, I attended an in-service presentation on assessing narrative language skills.  I was really inspired to begin using these types of assessments in my language evaluations.  I have now regularly been using both standardized and informal narrative language assessments with the majority of students who are referred to me.  I have also started to target language skills through the use of narratives.
Recently, Tatyana Elleseff of  Smart Speech Therapy asked me to review her Narrative Assessment of Preschool and School Aged Children packet.  I was very interested to see what she had to offer, and what I could learn to add to my growing interest and use of narratives in my language sessions.  The packet she is offering is a 73 slide presentation that explains how to assess narrative abilities in preschool and school aged children.

The learning objectives for this packet are:
  • Explain the impact of narrative difficulties on language development and academic performance
  • List formal and informal instruments that can be used to elicit narratives in children of various ages
  • Identify specific elements of narrative assessment
  • Discuss stages of narrative development in preschool and school aged children
  • Formulate measurable goals and objectives targeting narrative skills

What did I like about this packet?
  • Tatyana describes why SLP's should assess narrative abilities.
  • The value of using narratives is explored.
  • There is a detailed list of the types of narratives (scripts, recounts, a counts, event casts, and fictional stories)
  • It reviews five different standardized/normed tests for narrative language skills.  I really liked this section because Tatyana gave a summary of each test and the testing limitations.
  • It has an explanation of analyzing microstructure (content, form, and use) and macrostructure (story grammar).  I thought this part was really useful and informative.
  • It has a GREAT explanation of what should be expected in a story from children ages 2 years to 12+ years.
  • There is a guide for writing measurable goals with some ideas for specific goals you could use to target microstructure and macrostructure.
  • There is a great list of resources to tap into with some free materials!  I highly recommend the materials by Language Dynamics Group- great materials!
  • There are excellent charts at the end that are quick references for the following information: Narratives at a glance, Microstructure at a glance, Macrostructure at a glance, Story Grammar, Perspecitve Taking Vocabulary, Narrative Ages and Stages, Episodic Structure, and Types of Cues.  These are really great reference sheets!
  • I felt like I took a class in the use of narratives.  The feel of this presentation reminded me of some CEU classes I have taken online.  Very informative and thorough presentation!
Some Sample Pages

Where can you find this packet?

Tatyana Elleseff, MA, CCC-SLP at Smart Speech Therapy is going to be offering this packet on her website for $24.99.  She will have it on sale now at an introductory price of 18.99!  Click here to find this great packet:
Narrative Assessments of Preschool and School Aged Children


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