Review: Differential Diagnosis of ADHD in Speech Language Pathology

I was recently approached by Tatyana over at Smart Speech Therapy LLC to do a product swap/review.  I jumped at the chance to review her slide presentation titled, Differential Diagnosis of ADHD in Speech Language Pathology.  I have a new student this year who has probably the most significant case of ADHD that I have ever seen, but, I always wonder if something was missed.  Does he really have ADHD, or is it something else?  This packet that Tatyana has created answered a lot of my questions, and is full of great information.

The Goals and Objectives of this presentation are clearly presented and definitely covered in the packet.

After the Goals and Objectives are clearly stated, Tatyana presents the following information to you:
  • Overview of ADHD
  • Describes core symptoms of ADHD (Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity)
  • ADHD Statistics-  Wow!  Did you know that as of 2007, 5.4 million children ages 4-7 years of age have ever been diagnosed with ADHD?!?
  • What if its not ADHD?- Tatyana reports that nearly 1 million children are potentially misdiagnosed.
  • Disorders Frequently mistaken for ADHD
  • Differential Diagnosis- describes language disorders with ADHD like symptoms
  • Case Studies- 4 different children.  Each case study contains background information, assessment results, diagnostic findings, discussion and learning outcomes.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach for Evaluation and Management
  • Relevance and Implications for SLP's
  • Helpful Resources
I thought this was a very informative packet!  The case studies were really interesting and made me think about students that I have known.  Sometimes it is easy to just take a physicians diagnosis of ADHD and run with it.  Tatyana reminded me that we need to look deeper.  There may be a language disorder that is presenting with ADHD like symptoms.

You can get this slide presentation packet HERE at Smart Speech Therapy LLC.  This packet is currently available for $8.99

Thanks to Tatyana for allowing me to preview such a great product!
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