Syllable Splash Review and Giveaway!

Have you seen Syllable Splash?  It is an app by Smarty Ears that targets syllable awareness.  I was offered a chance to preview this app, and thought it would be great to use with my kindergarten phonemic awareness group.

Syllable Splash is a really simple app.  There is just one activity- counting syllables in words.  To start this app, you select a player.  You can select up to four players at a time.  You can also select the settings you want for the game.  You have a choice of using words with up to 4 syllables.  You can also choose the number of wrong choice options (1-3).  There are cute fish and shark animations that you can also choose to turn on or off.  I kept them on- they are pretty cute.

After you select your players and options, you are ready to begin!

The narrator says a word that matches the picture.  Students then choose how many syllables the word has.  The number of syllables is mixed up instead of in sequential order.  If you have the animations turned on and the student chooses incorrectly, a shark comes and eats the incorrect response!

It seems to me that this game will go on forever.  I do not think it stops unless you press the Done button.   By pressing Done, you are taken to the report card.

You can share data from this app by email or by using the Therapy Report Center app by Smarty Ears.

What do I like about Syllable Splash?
I like that it is simple.  The app serves one purpose- counting syllables.  The graphics are really cute and attractive.

What could be improved with Syllable Splash?
I actually did not agree with the syllable count on some of the words.  Maybe I am wrong, but they counted "fireman" as two syllables, "stapler" as two syllables, and "hippopotamus " would not even register a correct response (I think it is 5 syllables, but there was not an option for five).
I also wish there was at least some sort of counter or something to keep the students engaged.  There isn't anything that counts how many trials they have completed.  There also isn't any incentive or reward.

Where can you get Syllable Splash?
You can get Syllable Splash HERE at the iTunes store for $5.99 until 5/12/13.  After that date, the price returns to its regular price of $9.99.

You can also win a copy of this app in my giveaway below:

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I was provided a copy of the app by Smarty Ears for this review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review.


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