Love It and List It: Language Apps

It is Love it and List it time over at Speech Room News!  I love this link up!  I always get great ideas from other SLP's to use in therapy.  This month, the theme is language apps.  I have several apps that I use regularly with a variety of students.  Here is a list of my current most used apps:

1.  Prepositions Remix by Smarty Ears.  I have so many students working on prepositions right now!  This app is a great receptive activity that allows customization of each specific preposition that you would like to target.

2.  First Phrases by Hamaguchi Apps.  This is one of my most used apps ever!  My students with ASD absolutely love and request for this app.  They call it the "mouse" app.  They love it because they create a short phrase and then can watch a video of the actions requested.  There is also a record option so that students can hear their own voice tell the characters what to do.

3. ABA Receptive Identification by Nouns and Class by  This is actually two different apps, but they are listed on the same page.  I use both of these constantly with my students who have autism.

4.  Sentence Ninja by Smarty Ears.  This is one that I have used pretty much every day since I downloaded it.  My young students and students with ASD love this one because they can move the words around to create sentences and also record their voices.

5.  Conversation Builder by Mobile Education Store.  This one is a great way to practice some simple conversation skills, especially with my students with ASD.  They love the pictures and the recording aspect to the app.  Students record the conversation, and then listen to the whole exchange.

So I am now realizing that all of my favorite apps are paid apps, and not free.  Sorry about that, but these are truly the ones that I use on a very regular basis, and also the ones that my students truly love!


  1. I love those apps too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. First Phrases & the ABA apps are good ones!

  3. Hello! I'm your newest follower. I was reading your posts about the different apps available and I have to admit I was amazed. I never really thought of using apps with my students. You gave me some good things to think about!

    Kelly, from
    Kelly's Classroom

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! I love using apps with my students. It is such a great additional way to work on skills. The students get so engaged!

  4. I am a preschool teacher and I personally have a child with a speech delay is it worth the $20


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