Language Trainer: App Review

Smarty Ears has come out with a great new, simple app called Language Trainer.  This app was designed by a speech-language pathologist to work on vocabulary, word finding, stuttering, and receptive or expressive language.

When you first select your player, you can click on settings to adapt the app to your needs.  You can select different settings for the picture identification and divergent naming activities.

You can also select to modify the database.  You can select the targets for all four activities.

There are four different activities that are included in this app:

Picture Identification

In this activity, students are prompted with a spoken word and expected to touch the matching picture.  In the settings on the user page, you are able to set how many items are shown on the screen (2-5 at a time).

Picture Naming

Students are prompted to "name this picture."  You can then mark it as correct, incorrect, or cued.  You can also record and playback the student's response.

Divergent Naming

Students are prompted with, "Name (2-6) things you...".  Again, in the settings you can set how many items you want the student to name (2-6 items).  You mark each one they state as correct or incorrect, and have the option to record.

Sentence Completion

Students are prompted with, "Complete the following phrase."  The narrator then reads the beginning of the sentence, and the student is expected to complete the phrase.  You can mark it as correct, incorrect, or cued.  You can also record this response.

When you are finished with each activity, you can have access to a report.  This report can be emailed, or opened in a variety of apps, including Therapy Report Center.

What do I think?
I like this app.  It is really simple.  There are no frills in this app.  You can do as many trials as you want in each activity.  This app is really great for working on simple vocabulary with my students with autism.  If you are looking for an app without any extras, this is it.  If you are looking for something with a lot of reinforcers, you might want to look at something else.

You can get it at the app store HERE.

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  1. Mahalo for the opportunity to possibly win this app--I have never had that opportunity yet--kinda like winning an iPad! LOL!! Aloha!


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