Special Education Planner {BRIGHT COLORS & Black & White!}

I am so excited to link up with Lauren over at Busy Bee Speech to tell you about my new planners that I have already put up on TpT!  A lot of you have already checked these out, and THANK YOU for that!

Special Education Planner {Bright Colors and Black & White}
There are two designs included in this product: Bright Colors and Black & White:


I have been crazy busy with my boys, camping, and just general summer fun, so this is the first chance I have had to sit down and really share with you all of the great additions that I have made to my planners.  Last year I made two planners that I used and shared with other SLPs and special education staff.  From using that planner at school, and listening to input from all of you, I have made some nice additions to this year's new designs!  All of my new pages are now also included in last years designs, so if you have purchased those previously, go and update because there are new pages included!  Special Education Planner

I have included a general cover, and also, my first do-it-yourself editable covers for each design!

The first thing that of course is included inside the planner is a monthly calendar!  Each season (fall, winter, spring, summer) has it's own design.

Next, I included a reminders page that matches each season's design:

NEW!  Based on feedback from people who used last year's planner, I have included a theme page to help you organize for each week!

There is a monthly paperwork page for each season:

NEW this year!  A daily schedule page! 

There is also a communication log, IEP's attended page, and two different note pages included!  There is everything you need to get organized for the year!

You can get these planners HERE!
You can also get my previous design, but updated for this upcoming school year HERE.

You can find out more about other SLPs great binder and planner ideas over at Busy Bee Speech by following her Linky Party!

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