The Fib Revealed

That was so much fun!!!!  I hope you had a great time going through all of the blogs and reading the facts and fibs!

My Fib:
A) No, I didn't really "hang out" with Martha Stewart.
I went to Northern Arizona University for grad school.  We went to Las Vegas a few times.  One time in October, 1998, my mom was there for a business trip and offered us a room, so of course we took it!  It happened that while we were there, they were having the grand opening of the Bellagio.  We were able to see the first fountain display at night.  We were standing behind the red velvet ropes that were set up for the VIP guests.  From what I recall, there were a few celebrities that we recognized, but right in front of us was Martha Stewart.  Ok, so we didn't talk or actually hang out, but I can say I was at the opening of the Bellagio with Martha Stewart.

Click on the picture to see the fountain show.

My Facts:
B) Yes, I really did go hang gliding at Kitty Hawk with my family when I was in college.  I had a few spectacular crashes, and that pretty much ended any aspirations I had as a hang glider.

C) Yes, I am the oldest of 25 first cousins.  My  mom came from a family of nine siblings, of which she is the second oldest.  Being the oldest of that many cousins is fun!  I love my cousins!

I hope you had fun with the blog hop!

Our winner was randomly selected from the collection of the most correct responses.  And the winner is...

Melissa Wittmeyer!  Kelly from Speech 2U will be contacting you soon with your prize!

Thank you to everyone who participated.  This was a lot of fun!


  1. I suspect hanging with Martha Stewart would have been "a good thing!"

  2. It is fun being part of a big family. Unfortunately, most of my cousins were in Tx., and we only saw them every other years, so I didn't have that fun!!!


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