Funny Directions: App Review

Are you looking for a quick, fun way of targeting following 1,2, and 3-step directions?  Then I have an app for you!  Funny Directions by Speecharoo is a great new app that targets one, two, and three-step directions in four different scenes.

These directions are so fun to follow!  There are four different fun scenes to choose from: Beach, Park, Classroom, and Bedroom.  Each scene has a choice of 1, 2, or 3-step directions. Some examples of directions are: 1)Tickle the bird, 2) pick up the hat and set it on the duck, 3) get the spider, set it on the bone, and offer it to the dog. Something silly happens after the direction is followed correctly!

When ten items are completed correctly, students are directed to a reinforcing page where they can pop balloons that float out of the kangaroo's pouch.

My students were totally engaged by this app!  They loved all of the silly things that happen after a correct answer.  This is a great app when you need a little something extra to target following directions.  Funny Directions by Speecharoo is only $2.99!  A great deal for a fun, useful app.  Speecharoo has also offered a giveaway of one copy of Funny Directions for one of my readers!  You can enter below:

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