The Frenzied SLPs: Thankful and Grateful Blog Hop {GIVEAWAY}

This week, The Frenzied SLPs are Thankful and Grateful for everyone who follows us and reads our frenzied posts.  To thank everyone for their support, we are having a blog hop giveaway!!!  We are giving away three sets of gift cards.  Three lucky winners will each receive two separate gift cards!  Each winner will get a $10 gift card from Starbucks (who can't use a little pick-me-up?) and a $10 gift card from Teachers Pay Teachers!

To win these great prizes, all you have to do is follow our blog hop and collect the letters on the turkey signs to make a secret phrase.

You can start with this letter here:
This is the first letter in the phrase.  Hop through all the blogs to gather the letters for the secret phrase, and then enter that phrase into the Rafflecopter giveaway that you can find at the bottom of this post.  You can find the next blog at the bottom of this page.

I want everyone to know how thankful I am to you for following me here.  When I started this all three years ago, I never imagined where it would take me!  I have met so many wonderful SLPs along the way.  Everyone I talk to continues to inspire me to be a better person and a better SLP.  I never imagined that people would want to see my ideas that I use in my little speech room.  This has been such a fun journey!  So, THANK YOU!!!!!

You can click here to get to the next Frenzied SLP blog:

To win the fabulous prizes, you can enter your secret phrase here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I always enjoy a good blog on the attitude of gratitude :-)

  2. We are definitely thankful for you too!

  3. I'm so glad I met you! Thanks for everything you do!

  4. I'm so grateful your journey involved us becoming friends!

  5. Thank you for this lovely blog hop. Have a happy fall and wonderful Thanksgiving! Manda

    1. Thank you, Manda! I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving too!

  6. We get by with a little help from our friends!!! :)

  7. Thank you all for a great giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving!! I think I forgot the "our" in my entry. Ooops!
    ~Kim D.


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