Semantic Fishbowl

I have many students, specifically my students with ASD, who really need picture cues when working on vocabulary and semantic skills.  I really wanted to make something with some cute fish graphics that I recently purchased, so, Semantic Fishbowl was born!

Semantic Fishbowl is a collection of four activities that focus on naming categories, what doesn't belong, associations, and the basic concepts of same/different. 

What Doesn't Belong?

Students pick a card and determine which picture does not belong in the group. The students can keep the card if they get the answer correct.  There is also an opportunity to earn a BONUS card by telling why it does not belong.  The student with the most cards at the end wins.

Name That Category

Students are give a fishbowl mat.  They then pick a card and the clues are read to them.  The students then decide which category the three items belong to.  If they are correct, they get to put their fish on the fishbowl mat.  An answer key is provided  for all category cards.

Associations Memory

This is just a simple memory game that has 12 pairs of "go together" cards. 

Same/Different Mini Worksheets

This is a set of eight worksheets that focus on the basic concepts of same/different.  There are four worksheets that focus on same and four worksheets that focus on different.  I plan on laminating the color pages and having my students use dry erase markers to circle the answers. 

Click HERE to find Semantic Fishbowl on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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