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My Speech Universe: Winter Multi-Syllabic Words

25 November 2012

Winter Multi-Syllabic Words

I currently have a student who has had speech for several years.  He has come such a long way, but still has difficulties with multi-syllable words.  He always just kind of mumbles through the middle syllables.  He does not have a specific sound that he needs work on anymore, however his intelligibility is not always great because of these multi-syllable words.   I decided to make an activity that will target these words for him and make it fun.  He loves games, so I decided to use a board game format for him. 

I also made a game board that has words written on each space.  I made a large version of this and can also print out a smaller version to send home as homework. 

You can find Race Day Multi-Syllable Words at my TPT store.  Please check it out and provide feedback.  Thanks!



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