Simple, but FUN!

One of the most popular activities in my speech room always surprises me.  It is a simple "feed the animals" game produced by Super Duper Inc.  The game is called Animal Buddies- Open Ended Motivational Box with Tokens.

There are days when I ask my older students which game they would like to play while doing their articulation words.  I am always shocked when my fourth or fifth grade students ask for this game!  They love it!  All I do is make them say as many words as I choose (or sentences) and then they get to pick a couple of food items to feed to the animals.

I recently came across a freebie by Lauren LaCour of  called Hungry Hippos Artic.  This is a fun game that you can use as an articulation game or an open-ended motivational game.  I took all four hippos that are included in the packet and glued them onto an old tissue box.  Then, I bribed the art teacher for an exacto knife and cut out all of the mouths on the hippos.  I laminated the blank fruits that are included in the packet and placed them on a sheet of foam that had a sticky side.  I did this so that my students could have an easier time picking the small pieces up off the table. 

This simple activity has turned into a new favorite of many students!  They love the hungry hippos!
You can find the Hungry Hippos Artic game HERE for free.



  1. That game from Super Duper is AMAZING! My box is completely falling apart...but the kids still love it! I have a new one on my wishlist for next year:) Carrie has a Feed the Penguin activity that my kiddos love too! (Carrie's Speech Corner)

    1. Thanks, Rae- i will have to check Carries out too!

  2. Thanks Jen! And great idea about the foam backing!

    Busy Bee Speech

    1. You're welcome! You have a cute activity to work with!


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