Getting "Speechie" with a Good Book! Little Blue Truck


This weeks book companion is for a book that has a special place in my heart.  My youngest son has never been that into books (big frown face).  I have always read to him since he was a baby, just like my older son, but, he just was never that into books.  This book is the one that I can really remember changing that.  This is the first book in which he sat for the whole thing!  He loved this book, and I did too!

The book is... Little Blue Truck by Jill McElmurry

This book is a sweet story about a friendly little blue truck who helps a big, rude construction truck when it gets stuck in the mud.  The book shows that when you are friendly and helpful to people, they will be friendly and helpful back.  This is a rhyming book that flows really well, so it is great for targeting phonemic awareness skills too.

The book companion that I am featuring for this book is by Tracy Morlan of Gold Country SLP.

Included in this packet:
First of all, Tracy includes CCSS Citations and IEP Goals with each of the activities, which I think is a great addition to a book companion!

Sequencing Cards
There are two levels of sequencing cards.  One has pictures only, and one has text only.  There are also six number cards for sequencing.  You could use these as a visual template for the picture or word cards.

Story Comprehension Cards
There are Yes/No question cards...
as well as Wh-Question cards.

Barrier Game
This is a cute barrier game that includes instructions and suggestions, props, and a mat.

Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
The first is a Category Sorting Activity for farm vs. zoo animals.

The next one is sorting trucks by color.

Phonemic Awareness
These were great with my kindergarten intervention group!

Onset and Rime are targeted with 36 cute red trucks:

Rhyming is targeted with two cute rhyming sheets:
Animal Sound Match-Up
This activity has students match a picture of an animal to the sound it makes.  You can use the prop pictures from the barrier game for this activity too.

Board Game
There is a generic board game with really cute game pieces included.  You just cut and fold and have game pieces!  How clever!

This was a great addition to my book companion collection, and I am so grateful to Tracy for letting me share it with you today!

You can get this book companion HERE!
You can find Tracy on Facebook and at her blog, Gold Country SLP.


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