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My Speech Universe: Fall Interactive Books

19 July 2015

Fall Interactive Books

Hi everyone!  Hope your summer is going well.  I am having a blast staying at home this summer with my boys.  I am also in the midst of moving too.  We purchased a new house, and are moving this month.  It has been a crazy time, but we are all excited.

I can't believe it, but fall will be coming before we know it!  I know, how dare I say that!?  But, in my free time between packing and just generally relaxing, I created the last in my series of seasonal interactive books.  My newest addition is for, you guessed it, FALL!


I think these Fall Interactive Books turned out really cute.  I can't wait to use them with my students!  They have been kid tested though, by my very own little monkeys. :)

There are three books in this set:
Fall Activities
Fall Clothes
What Do You See?

Each of these books has ten pages with an interactive piece for each page.  Your students will be quickly engaged with these repetitive sentences in each book.  There are detailed instructions for how to put each of these books together using Velcro and either binder rings or a book binder.

Here are some samples from each book:

Fall Activities:

 Fall Clothes:

 What Do You See?

I have loved using this series of books with my students with ASD as well as some of my younger students in Kindergarten and First grade.  There are so many opportunities for sentence expansion, and it also encourages early reading with the repetitive sentences.  I use these books to work on WH questions too.  With these books, you can target WHAT, WHO, and WHEN questions very easily.

I hope you like these books as much as I do!  You can get them here: Fall Interactive Books


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