Apples in the Speech and Language Room


Apples in the Speech Room

Next to summer, fall is definitely my favorite season. I love when you can start to wear sweatshirts and jeans outside, and I love to spend time outdoors with my family. One thing we love to do is go to the apple orchard that is right down the street from us and go apple picking. Last year I decided to bring the apples into the speech room, and it was a big hit with my preschoolers!


Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington


Way Up High in the Apple Tree by the Learning Station


This craft was so much fun to do! We cut apples in half and had the students paint them with green or red paint and then press them on the paper. Sometimes the hidden star from the seeds appeared in our paintings, and sometimes they were just a messy glob of green or red paint, but nobody cared! They all had so much fun smearing the paint on the apples and pressing them down. Everyone was very proud of their work. I used a communication board to help my students have the words they needed to request the different items. You can get this board for free by clicking here.


We pulled out the green and red bingo chips to use on this free mat. We also used Learning Resources Attribute Apples to describe and put into buckets as reinforcers for our articulation work.

Speech and Language Resources:

Last year we used my Preschool Language Theme Kit for Apples and the books and activities were a big success. 
preschool language kit apples
This year, however, we will need to do this theme digitally. So, I converted all of my Apple Interactive Books into interactive PDFs. I'm excited to use the No Print Preschool Language Speech Therapy Kit: Apples with my students.

I'm also excited to use my new Apple Picking Articulation BOOM Cards. I had so much fun making them and can't wait to see my students use them.

Things may look different this year in your speech room, but you can still have fun with themes! Stick with me to see how I adapt all of my themes to my remote start this year.

Have fun!

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