Using Snowmen in Speech and Language Therapy

Winter is in full swing here in Michigan!  It has been cold and snowy and we are only a few weeks into winter. This has been my view on my way to work (not bad, right?):

My kids all love to build snowmen when they play in the snow, and I've found a few ways to incorporate snowmen into my speech and language therapy too!

Over the winter break, I saw a new (to me) type of clay/sand called Floof.  This is such a great product!  I decided to purchase the snowman kit for my students to create and describe.  It has been so much fun!!!

A really easy way to incorporate snowmen is with a simple marker and piece of paper.  I start with the three snowballs drawn out and copied.  You can also have your students draw the snowballs and work on the concepts of small, medium, large, top, bottom, and  middle.  Then I give directions such as "give the snowman a red scarf before you give the snowman a pink hat."  There are lots of directions that can be worked on in this activity.

Another way to use snowmen in therapy is with these cute snowmen snowflakes.  They are actually super easy to make.  We used them in articulation practice by writing the students speech words on each of the snowmen.
Fold square paper into a triangle.

Draw snowmen on two outside corners.

Cut out snowmen- don't cut the bottoms!

Add extra cuts to decorate.

Write articulation words on snowmen.

I have also used a few snowmen books in therapy.  My favorites are Snowmen at Night, Sneezy the Snowman, and The Biggest, Best Snowman.

There are still a few weeks of winter, so I hope these snowman activities can help get you through!  I personally can't wait until spring though!!!

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