Summer Articulation and Language Calendars

I am joining up with the other Frenzied SLPs to bring you summer speech therapy carryover activities.  Today, I am sharing my updated 2018 Summer Speech and Language Calendars with you!

Every year I update my Summer Speech and Language Calendars.  These are so easy to prep and send home with students for the summer for a little extra practice.  Parents appreciate the ease of use.  Simply put it on the refrigerator and practice an activity every day.  Each activity takes less that 5 minutes, but allows for the student to think about their sound every day.

There are two sets of calendars included in this packet...


These calendars come in black and white and color versions.  There is an activity on each day, and a small icon for students to color in after they have completed an activity.


As with the articulation calendars, there is a different activity for each day.  Students color in an icon after they have finished the activity.  Language skills included in this packet: categorization, describing, story telling, analogies, idioms, synonyms, antonyms, plural nouns, past tense verbs, auditory comprehension for sentences, auditory memory, calendar vocabulary (yesterday, today, tomorrow, etc.).

 There is also a letter to parents and a communication log for each area (articulation & language).

They are also a part of a bundle of articulation and language calendars for the entire year that you can get HERE.

Link up with your summer speech and language activities here:


  1. How great is the idea for the communication log so you can see what they had trouble with once school starts back up? These calendars are super cute! :)