Category Sorting

One of my very first items on Teachers Pay Teachers was my Category Sorting activity.  So many of you have purchased and used this product, and for that, I am so grateful!  Over the years, I have changed this product a bit for use in my speech room, and thought I would share my changes with you.

The first change I made is that I added three additional pictures for each board.  With 10 boards, that is a total of 60 different item cards now!  Categories include: farm animals, zoo animals, fruits, vegetables, letters, shapes, numbers, colors, toys, and vehicles.

There are cards that are color coded to go with the boards:

And there are cards that have a black outline on the icons for less visual support:

Here is what these look like after they are put together:

For this update, I also added a visual sentence support.  Many of my students need support in creating sentences to state the category of items.  I created a board that can be used with any of the icons included in this packet.  Here is what this looks like:

If you have previously purchased this product, please go HERE to update your product.   Click the Download Now button to get this.

If you have not previously purchased this product, you can go HERE to get this fun set of category sorting mats.

Fall No-Prep Articulation

This month, for The Frenzied SLPs linky, we are focusing on fun, fall-themed articulation ideas.

I love fall for so many reasons!  I'm looking outside right now at a crisp, bright blue sky highlighted by trees that are just starting to show their fall colors.  On this beautiful day, we are heading down to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  The colors to me are what makes fall so amazing.  I love the area that I live, just for the change of seasons!

My students love fall colors too!  In fact, they just love to color!  I made a Fall No-Prep Articulation packet to entice them to practice at home and with me.

These are fun, quick, and simple sheets that encourage practice of any articulation target.  There are pages for sounds in isolation, syllables, words, sentences, and a carryover page for discussion.

I also included some extra sheets with ideas for words for each sound you may be targeting.  These are nice to send home so that parents can help think of words to practice.

You can get these articulation pages at my TpT store here:  Fall No-Prep Articulation Packet

You can hop along this linky hosted by The Frenzied SLPs to find many more great fall-themed articulation ideas.

Funny Directions: App Review

Are you looking for a quick, fun way of targeting following 1,2, and 3-step directions?  Then I have an app for you!  Funny Directions by Speecharoo is a great new app that targets one, two, and three-step directions in four different scenes.

These directions are so fun to follow!  There are four different fun scenes to choose from: Beach, Park, Classroom, and Bedroom.  Each scene has a choice of 1, 2, or 3-step directions. Some examples of directions are: 1)Tickle the bird, 2) pick up the hat and set it on the duck, 3) get the spider, set it on the bone, and offer it to the dog. Something silly happens after the direction is followed correctly!

When ten items are completed correctly, students are directed to a reinforcing page where they can pop balloons that float out of the kangaroo's pouch.

My students were totally engaged by this app!  They loved all of the silly things that happen after a correct answer.  This is a great app when you need a little something extra to target following directions.  Funny Directions by Speecharoo is only $2.99!  A great deal for a fun, useful app.  Speecharoo has also offered a giveaway of one copy of Funny Directions for one of my readers!  You can enter below:

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