Preposition Remix: App Review and {GIVEAWAY!}

I have been using a fun app called Preposition Remix with some of my students for a while now.  So, when Smarty Ears contacted me with a few free copies to share, I jumped at the chance to share this great app with you!

Preposition Remix is a simple app that targets 20 of the most common prepositions.  This app is set up for one player at a time, however, if you keep your own data, students can pass it back and forth between each other if you are targeting the same preposition.

To begin, you will set up the game in Settings.  You select the prepositions that will be targeted during the session.  You can also select the reinforcement audio, what to do when an answer is wrong, as well if you want written cues available, randomization of prepositions presented, and the option to repeat questions.

Next, you will select your player.  You can only select one player at a time to collect data, but as I said before, if I collect my own data by paper, I do use this app with multiple players at a time.

Then, you will be ready to start playing!  A direction is given that contains your targeted prepositions.  Your students will just touch the items referenced in the direction.

When you students choose a correct answer, a celebration graphic will appear.

When you are done with the session, simply press the Done button.  Then, if you have worked with only one student, you can see the data that was collected.  You can also sync this data with Therapy Report Center.

I have used this app with my students with autism, as well as some of my younger students who are working on some prepositions.  They love the real pictures, and I love having another way to target prepositions with my students.  This is a great app!

You can get Prepositions Remix at the app store for $9.99.
Or, you could have a chance to win one of two copies by entering this Rafflecopter!

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*I was not compensated in any way for this review.  The thoughts and opinions are my own.  I previously purchased this app, and Smarty Ears has provided the additional copies of the app as a giveaway.

Getting "Speechie" with a Good Book! The Wolf's Chicken Stew

This weeks book is one that I had not been familiar with until now.  The book is The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza.

The great book companion to go with this book was created by Abby at Schoolhouse Talk.

I have featured one of Abby's book companions before, and I must admit, they are two of my favorites!  Abby's book companions have everything that I love in book companions.  Lots of visuals, questions, and activities.  Here is what is included in her packet:

Comprehension Questions
There are 31 question cards included in this packet.  These questions all have picture prompts that are really great.

There is also a page of 18 recall questions without picture prompts that you can use to check student comprehension.

Story Retell
First, there is a Rebus Story that is a summary of The Wolf's Chicken Stew with pictures cues for joint story retell.  This is really a really cute way to have students help retell the story.

Next, there is a blank story map that you can use to help identify story elements and sequence events.

Then, there are large story sequencing cards.  I love these cards!  Anytime I can have my students have visuals to help them retell a book is awesome!

Abby also included a mini story retell book that students can put together and then take home to share with their parents.  I learned to make books this way a while ago, and kind of forgot to use this way in a while.  It was a nice reminder of a great way to create a mini book.  Abby includes detailed directions on how to create this book.

 The next cute activity to target story retell is a story elements dice.  You put together this dice and roll it to see which story element the students should identify.

First up is a matching game.  There are 18 words included in this activity.  You simply match the word to the definition.  There is also a worksheet that students can use to identify specific words that you should target for your students

The next activity is comparing/contrasting.  There are several different pages that use Venn diagrams to compare/contrast items and vocabulary from the story.  There is also a blank sheet included to target your own words.

There is also a vocabulary word web that you can use to help students gain a better understanding of vocabulary words from the story.

The first game included is a barrier game.  There is one background and lots of pictures from the story that students can use for different language and comprehension/following directions activities.

Abby also included an open-ended game board that you can use with student as they practice their therapy targets.  There are two sizes included.

There is a writing prompt where students can write about their favorite foods and activities, and then color a picture to accompany their writing.

There is also an /s/-blend activity that is super cute to target some articulation skills.  Students put their s-blend "ingredients"  into a silly stew.

This packet is awesome!  It was really great to use with my kindergarten students who are working on so many of these skills. 

You can get The Wolf's Chicken Stew Book Companion HERE.
You can find Abby at Schoolhouse Talk on Facebook
You can also find her at her blog:

iName it Household Items: App Review and {GIVEAWAY!}

Recently, I was approached by Smarty Ears apps with an opportunity to review an aphasia app.  I thought, but I don't work with adults with aphasia.  Then, in talking with the Smarty Ears rep, I realized that this app isn't only great for adults with aphasia, but possibly my students with autism or students with word finding difficulties.
This app is called iName it Household Items

To begin using this app you can look at the settings, and choose from three different languages. 

Next, you can select a user by pressing Start Practice.
Then, you pick a room to work in.  There are five different rooms to choose with a variety of vocabulary to target.
Once you choose the room, the app gives you an interactive screen with all of the vocabulary.  At the bottom of the page is a tray with all of the targeted vocabulary.  As you target each word, and the student or client gets the vocabulary word correct, a check mark appears on the picture, showing you that it has been targeted.  To target a word, you simply touch the part of the large picture that you would like to work on.  The rest of the picture turns to black and white and only leaves the target word in color.

If your student or client are able to say the name of the item, then you click the green checkmark, and go on to other targets.  If, however they are incorrect and need more cues, you click the blue circle at the top to begin the prompting process.

There are five different prompts:
The first is just the written two sounds of the word.

The next prompt describes the item both auditorally and with a written cue.

Then there is a sentence completion cue that is both auditory and visual.

Then, there is an auditory only cue of the first two sounds in the word.

Last, there is cue that presents the name of the item both auditorally and visually.

You are able to choose whichever prompt you would like to go with.  I liked to use the sentence completion prompt with my students with Autism.

Data is collected by pressing the Got it button, or after you go through all five prompts, the missed button appears also.  If your student or client does not get the item correct, a check mark does not appear on the corresponding item on the tray.  You could loop back to it later and try again.

When you are finished with your session, you can press the back button to the main menu page.  From there, you click results and select your student or client.  You will get data about the overall accuracy of responses both with and without cues.

I really liked this app for its simplicity.  When I worked in a skilled nursing facility many years ago, I did not have anything like this.  I would have loved it though!  So many of my patients had difficulties with word finding.  The prompting levels are perfect, and can be faded back or added on as much as needed.
You can get this app from Smarty Ears Apps HERE!  The current price is $14.99
You can also enter to win a copy by entering the Rafflecopter below:
Thanks so much for checking out my review!
*I was in no way compensated for this review.  I was provided with a copy of the app by Smarty Ears Apps in order to complete the review.

Getting "Speechie" with a Good Book! Little Blue Truck


This weeks book companion is for a book that has a special place in my heart.  My youngest son has never been that into books (big frown face).  I have always read to him since he was a baby, just like my older son, but, he just was never that into books.  This book is the one that I can really remember changing that.  This is the first book in which he sat for the whole thing!  He loved this book, and I did too!

The book is... Little Blue Truck by Jill McElmurry

This book is a sweet story about a friendly little blue truck who helps a big, rude construction truck when it gets stuck in the mud.  The book shows that when you are friendly and helpful to people, they will be friendly and helpful back.  This is a rhyming book that flows really well, so it is great for targeting phonemic awareness skills too.

The book companion that I am featuring for this book is by Tracy Morlan of Gold Country SLP.

Included in this packet:
First of all, Tracy includes CCSS Citations and IEP Goals with each of the activities, which I think is a great addition to a book companion!

Sequencing Cards
There are two levels of sequencing cards.  One has pictures only, and one has text only.  There are also six number cards for sequencing.  You could use these as a visual template for the picture or word cards.

Story Comprehension Cards
There are Yes/No question cards...
as well as Wh-Question cards.

Barrier Game
This is a cute barrier game that includes instructions and suggestions, props, and a mat.

Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
The first is a Category Sorting Activity for farm vs. zoo animals.

The next one is sorting trucks by color.

Phonemic Awareness
These were great with my kindergarten intervention group!

Onset and Rime are targeted with 36 cute red trucks:

Rhyming is targeted with two cute rhyming sheets:
Animal Sound Match-Up
This activity has students match a picture of an animal to the sound it makes.  You can use the prop pictures from the barrier game for this activity too.

Board Game
There is a generic board game with really cute game pieces included.  You just cut and fold and have game pieces!  How clever!

This was a great addition to my book companion collection, and I am so grateful to Tracy for letting me share it with you today!

You can get this book companion HERE!
You can find Tracy on Facebook and at her blog, Gold Country SLP.