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My Speech Universe: January 2014

25 January 2014

Getting "Speechie" with a Good Book: The Rainbow Fish

I have always loved the book that I chose to highlight this week.  It is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  The book companion I used is The Rainbow Fish Speech and Language Activities by The Dabbling Speechie.  This packet is absolutely chock full of activities for you to do with your students after you read the book!

Here are some highlights:

Synonym, Antonym, and Multiple Meaning Match-Up Cards
Included are also some definition sheets for the multiple meaning words, and pre-test/ post-test sheets for vocabulary.

Describing Pages 
This includes lots of pictures for describing and naming ocean animals.

Articulation word sheets
These have words from the story that contain /r/, /l/, /s,z/, /sh/, /th/, /f,k,g/

Rainbow fish card game to play with the articulation card sheets
Articulation reinforcer activity

 Story Retell Activities
  • Visual cards for story re-tell.
  • Picture sequence cards of the story details to help with story re-tell.
  • Comprehension question sheets and story elements bookmark.
  • Pre-test/post-test data sheet to assess a student's ability to recall the story elements from the story.
  • Visual sentence strips for students to talk about the story.

Grammar Activities
  • Sorting mats and stimulus cards for is/are practice. 
  • Matching activities for the concepts small/big and colors.
  • Preposition activities and sorting mats. Prepositions targeted are in front, behind, above, below, far, and between.



Inference and Social Skills
  • Perspective taking
  • Identifying expected vs. unexpected behaviors
  • Sorting kind and not kind behaviors
  • Identifying situations to determine if children are sharing or not sharing.

There are two cute coloring sheets that you can use to make glittering rainbow fish.
Writing Sheets
There are two writing sheets with story starters.
This was a great packet to work with this week!  Even though I had a shortened week, I was able to use a few of the activities for two days.  My students really liked the activities!  The graphics are super cute, and the activities are so relevant to goals that we are working on.
You can check out this great packet HERE! 
Make sure you go and check out The Dabbling Speechie too!  You can find her:
on TpT



20 January 2014

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose: Phonological Awareness Book Companion

Well, my kindergarten intervention groups have been up and running for about a month and a half now.  They are loving using all of my phonological awareness book companion activities.  It is amazing how engaged the students get when you use a book, and then directly relate activities to the book.  With Valentine's Day coming up, I wanted to create a fun new companion with a Valentine's theme.  The book There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose by Lucille Colandro seemed like the perfect one!  My students have loved the other books from this series, and I am sure they will love this one too.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose: Phonological Awareness Companion Pack

There are six different activities included in this packet:

How Many Syllables
Students count the number of syllables, and use a Do-A-Dot marker to complete the activity.     
(4 worksheets)
Blending Syllables
Students listen to two syllables and state the word that they hear. (18 cards and game board)

Recognizing Rhyme
Students listen to two words and then state if the two words rhyme. (24 cards and 2 mats)

Generating Rhyme
Students are given a word and asked to state a rhyming word.  (27 cards and roll it, rhyme it, keep it game board)

Listening for Sounds
Students listen to a word and state either the beginning, middle, or ending sound in each word. (54 cards and game board from Blending Syllables activity)
Phonological Awareness Worksheets
Also included in this packet are four pages of phonological awareness activities to compliment the book There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose.  These are worksheet style pages that can be read out loud with students.  There are no materials to prep.  Just print and use.


I love how this packet turned out, and can't wait to use it with my Kindergarten students the week of Valentine's Day!

You can get this packet HERE.




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19 January 2014

Valentine's Day: Same and Different

It is almost Valentine's Day!  I love all of the cute images that are out there that represent this holiday.  They are all just so cute!  I wanted to make an activity using these different images, and thought that another same/different worksheet packet would be perfect.

Valentine's Day: Same and Different


This is a packet that contains eight different worksheets that target identifying items that are the same and items that are different.  There are two color worksheets and two black and white worksheets that target identifying items that are the same in a row.
There are also two color worksheets and two black and white worksheets that target identifying the item that is different in a row.
*I laminated my color copies so that I can use them with a dry erase marker with students.  This will save some paper and ink, plus my students love to use the markers!

I think these turned out really cute, and can't wait to use them the week of Valentine's Day!  Hope you like them too!

You can get this packet HERE.


18 January 2014

Getting "Speechie" With A Good Book! Snowmen at Night

This week in my speech room, we worked with the book Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner.  I actually had the real, hardcover book for this one!  This is a beautifully illustrated book, with a really cute story.

For speech and language activities, I used the Snowmen at Night Speech/Language Book Companion by CC at If Only I Had Super Powers.

There are eight different activities included in this packet.  Sorry, I don't have any real pictures this week!  I took them with my work iPad and left it...at work!  I forgot that I don't have the iCloud backup on that one to save space. 

What is great about this packet is that for every activity, CC clearly states the directions and gives game suggestions.  This is really helpful!

Here are the activities included in this packet:
There are 14 pairs of vocabulary cards, 4 fun game cars, and a vocabulary grid.  I used these cards by laying out the definition cards face up on the table, and having students place the vocabulary card on top of its match.  The vocabulary grid is great for students to write new words and show their meaning.

There are 12 pairs of rhyming cards in this packet.  The words are all words that were included in this story.  These were good for my Kindergarten students this week.

What is the Snowman Doing?
This is a cute game board.  Each space has a picture of a snowman engaging in an activity.  As they move around the board, students have to state what each snowman is doing.

Past Tense Verbs
There are 12 pairs of present/regular past tense verb cards, a regular past tense verb worksheet, 10 pairs of present/irregular past tense verb cards, 4 game cards, and an irregular past tense verb worksheet included in this activity.  My favorite part of this activity was the worksheets.  I loved that CC included a picture in the sentence.  These types of visual cues are great for my students.

Describe a Snowman
This is a cute worksheet that again uses some visual cues to help students.

Sequence Steps to Make a Snowman
This is a simple worksheet that has students write the steps to make a snowman.
Basic Concepts
There are 8 pictures included to use with the basic concepts directions that are included.  CC broke down the directions into five different categories: colors, numbers, above/below, right/left, and on top of/under.

This activity focuses on articulation of the following sounds: /r/, /s/, and /z/.  There are 48 cards in all.  You can use these cards for memory, with any game board, or with the "melting" and "freezing" cards that are included.

This was a great packet that works on an adorable book.  You can get this packet HERE!

If you like this book companion, please go over and tell CC at:  If Only I Had Super Powers.  She is also on Facebook: If Only I Had Super Powers.


11 January 2014

Getting "Speechie" with a Good Book! Just a Snowman

This weeks book companion was a perfect fit for my short week.  The book I used was Just a Snowman by Mercer Mayer.  The book companion was by Whitney SLP.

The reason this book was so perfect is that it focused on a snow day for Little Critter.  My students definitely had some prior knowledge on this one!  We had three snow days this week!

I tried two things a little differently this week.  First, I purchased this book through iBooks for my iPad.  I have not previously purchased a childrens book on my iPad, but I liked using it that way.  The second thing I did was print the entire packet with 2 pages per piece of paper.  My printer gives me the option of multiple pages, so I tried it out.  It worked perfectly for this packet!

Speaking of this packet, it was great!  It had all of the activities that I would expect from a book companion, plus some great extras.  Activities in this packet include:

Winter vs. Summer Clothes Sort

Sequencing: there were three great sequencing sets included.  The main set was for pictures from the book with short sentences included.  The other two were for making a snowman and making hot chocolate.

Question Comprehension:  There are two sets of these- one set that has picture choices for answers, and one set that does not have any answer choices.  This is great for differentiation within groups.

What Doesn't Belong

Writing Prompts- this includes two different story maps, compare/contrast activities, and vocabulary prompts.


Game Board

Barrier Game

Also included are: coloring pages and an open ended articulation page.

These activities were all really cute.  My students all loved the book too.  It was really relevant for them this week.  We had some great discussions about things they like to do on snow days, and compared them to the things that Little Critter did in the book.

You can find this awesome packet here: Just a Snowman Book Companion & Comprehension Packet

You can also find Whitney over at: www.whitneyslp.blogspot.com

Stop over there and say hi!