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My Speech Universe: April 2015

29 April 2015

Spring and Summer People Sentences

I love using my product called Spring People Sentences.  It was one of my first products, and something I actually use all of the time (during the season).  Last week, I was using it, and realized that I had some great new spring clip art that I would love to see used on the mats.  Well, this turned into me completely revamping the product!

This is a product that targets third person pronouns in a really simple way.  There are mats with sentence starters, and mats that are blank.  Both sets contain a boy, a girl, and a pair (they).  The mats with sentence starters simply state: He/She/They have a ______.   There are 24 different items for the student to comment about.

This activity targets not only the pronouns of he, she, and they, but can also target a variety of spring vocabulary.  My students love picking a picture to use in their sentences!

So, while I was revamping my spring pronoun packet, I decided to redo my Summer People Sentences too!  

The layout of these mats are exactly the same as the spring version, just with summer vocabulary.

You can get these packets here:
Spring People Sentences
Summer People Sentences


26 April 2015

Summer Interactive Books!

Hi everyone!  I am super excited about these books that I am going to show you today!  These books are very similar to my Winter and Spring Interactive Books that have been very popular with my students.  I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer!  I am going to start using these books in the next few weeks to get my students interested in summer too.  So, here are my...

Summer Interactive Books!

These are fun, simple books that can be used in a variety of ways.  They are pretty easy to assemble with a little lamination and Velcro.  Complete instructions for how to assemble these books are included in the packet.

The first book is called What Do You See?

In this book, students use the interactive pieces to complete sentences about things that they can see in the summer.  Examples include a bike, a sand castle, a pool, and sunscreen.  Here is an example of a page:

The second book is called Summer Activities.

There are two additional activities included in the packet you will receive.

In this book, students use the interactive pieces to complete sentences about activities they can do in the summer.  The ten activities include: playing in sand, swimming, surfing, camping, canoeing, planting flowers, playing baseball, having a picnic, hiking, and riding a bike.  Here is an example of a page:

The third book is called Summer Clothes.

In this book, students use the interactive pieces to complete sentences about clothes or things they can wear in the summer.  The ten items include: sun hat, cap, swim suit, shorts, t-shirt, sunglasses, mask, snorkel, flippers, sandals.  Here is an example of a page:

These books are great because they can be very versatile.   I use them with my students who have ASD and need help expanding their utterance length.  Sometimes, I will pull the book apart and pull off two or three interactive pieces to create a smaller field of choices for my students.  

I also use these books for some of my Kindergarten and First Grade students who need a little help with using complete sentences.  I use them for WH questions such as:

  • When can you wear shorts?
  • What do you see in the summer?
  • What can you do in the summer?
  • When can you go swimming?
These books have been so much fun for me to make and use with my students.  When my older students come into my room, and the books are lying on the table, they can't help themselves either. They love to look through the books and manipulate the pieces.  Kids LOVE Velcro!

You can find these books here:

22 April 2015

Getting to Know Your Favorite Online SLPs!

Thanks to Natalie over at Natalie Snyders, SLP for hosting this fun linky!

Who am I?
My name is Jen, and I live in southeast Michigan with my husband and our two boys ages 7 and 8. The boys keep us super busy!   I have been a speech-language pathologist for 15 years, the majority of them in public schools.  I have been blogging and on TpT since November 2012, when I started on kind of a whim.  I had no idea that I would be able to meet and interact with so many amazing SLPs!

What do I offer?
The tagline on my blog says "A Place to Explore Speech and Language Ideas."  My blog is mostly ideas and activities that help me out in my practice as a school based SLP.  I love to use apps in therapy, so there are often app reviews.  I highlight new products that I have produced for my therapy room and my TpT store.  I also have a new feature where I am highlighting some simple tips and tricks that help me out in my everyday SLP life.  Once in a while I will also talk about things that I am passionate about, like raising money for the JDRF in honor of my son who lives with Type 1 Diabetes.
My TpT store consists primarily of things that I have made after being inspired by my students.  I have a lot of activities targeted towards and inspired by my ASD population of students.

My dream job?
If I had to be totally honest, I think my dream job would be to stay at home with my boys or secretly to be a major movie star.  But, I can't act, and I really love my job at my school, so, I guess I am staying there!  In terms of a speech-language pathology job, I think I really have it all.  I love working with the K-5 population, and I love working with the ASD population.  I have both, so I guess I really do have my dream job.

3 of my favorite things:
I love running, playing with my boys, and anything crafty.

Who else should you know?
This is a tough question!  There are so many people that I think you should follow.  But, I really think you should know Kelly over at Speech 2U.  She is seriously so smart and funny, and her posts make me laugh out loud, and make me think.
Check out her BHSM: Flip Flap Freebie at her TpT store.

Hopefully you can learn a little bit about some new SLP bloggers through this linky.  Thanks for reading!

21 April 2015

Tips and Tricks on Tuesdays: Laminating Tiny Pieces

Have you ever had a few tiny pieces that were cut up, but that you really wanted to laminate.  So many times, I have put loose pieces into a laminating pouch and then placed them in the laminator, only to have them move around, fall out, or end up on top of each other.  What a mess!

I have discovered a quick, easy way to get these tiny pieces laminated with no mess, or frustration.  Two words...glue stick.

I simply take a glue stick and put a small dot on the back of whatever I want to laminate.  Then, I put it into the laminating pouch and press down just like I would to make the piece stick to paper.

When I am done, I have a whole sheet full of loose pieces, but they won't fall out when I move the sheet to the laminator.

When I get it to the laminator, I can just place it into my laminator and can turn away.  The pieces will not fall out, and they will not move.

WOO HOO!  An easy peasy way to laminate those tiny pieces that always drive me crazy!

Hope this tip helped!  If it did, please share with a friend.


07 April 2015

Tips and Tricks on Tuesday: Printing Multiple Pages (on one sheet)

I love to find new and fun activities on TpT, and last week there was a great blog hop where I scored some awesome spring finds.  I found this Spring Yes/No Questions Freebie from Speechasaurus during the blog hop. I love using these kinds of questions with a couple of my students, so was excited to try them out.  There were two large cards per page, but I wanted my cards a little smaller.  I decided to print multiple pages on one page.  WHAT????  Didn't know you could do that, did you?

Check it out...

When you go to print, Under Page Sizing and Handling, look for a box that says "Multiple".  Click it.
After that, you can decide how many pages per sheet.  Both my printer at home, and my printer system at school offer a variety of choices from 2-16 pages per sheet, plus a custom option.

Here is how it looked when I printed four pictures to a page vs. one page by itself:

I was able to print the whole 20 page packet on only 5 pieces of paper!

Score!  I saved paper and ink, and got an awesome new activity too!  Thanks to Speechasaurus for letting me share your packet today!