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My Speech Universe: January 2017

19 January 2017

How to make a bright and inspirational SLP canvas set!

create SLP canvas printAre you looking for a fun way to brighten up your SLP space? Try these free SLP inspirational posters that you can either hang in frames, print on cardstock and put on a bulletin board, or, make into canvas prints.
If you don't want to create canvas prints of your own, you can print them on any kind of printer and put them in 8x10 frames.  Then, you are done!  You don't need the rest of this tutorial- enjoy your prints!

For this canvas project, I suggest printing with a laser printer.  I sent mine to the Fed Ex Print Shop (formerly Kinkos) and paid $2.00 to have the PDF printed.  If you use an inkjet printer, the ink will smear with the Mod Podge that you will be using.

If you want to create the canvas prints, follow these directions:

What you will need:
  • Inspirational SLP posters
  • Mod Podge (I like the matte finish)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Sponge brush
  • (3) 8x10 canvas
  • A roller or other device to smooth out the picture onto the canvas.
  • A book or box that will fit into the back of your canvas to make rolling and smoothing out your picture a little easier.

How to make these:

1.  Print pictures on a laser printer.

2.  Cut off the white portions of the picture so that you have a perfect 8x10 print.  (It is ok if you cut out a tiny bit smaller- you will be painting the canvas, and it will blend in.

3.  Paint the edges and a small border on your canvas using black paint.  Then let dry.

4.  Cover the entire canvas with Mod Podge.  I like to use a sponge brush to do this.  Then, paint the back of your picture with Mod Podge.  Cover the entire back of the picture.

5.  Place the picture onto the canvas (Mod Podge to Mod Podge sides together).

6.  Smooth out the picture.  This is where the book behind the canvas comes into play.  You will want something you can press against.  You want to try to push all of the air bubbles out of the image.  I also use a roller to smooth it out even more.  You can press on the front and the back of the picture.

7.  Cover the entire area with Mod Podge. You will be painting over the image.  Don't worry- it will dry clear!

8.  Let it dry, and then you will have a great canvas to hang up and enjoy!

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Have fun!