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My Speech Universe: November 2021

19 November 2021

Fun Turkey Time in the Speech and Language Room

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your speech room? If not, you may want to try it! There are so many fun activities and books that you can use to target speech and language goals at Thanksgiving. Your students will love this craft! 

Try this easy turkey craft. It requires a little bit of prep work but really pays off.

Thanksgiving Speech Craft

You'll need to cut:

  • brown circles
  • multiple colors of feathers
  • turkey legs
  • beaks (add a piece of red tissue for a wattle)
You'll also need my all-time favorite craft item: GOOGLY EYES! Googly eyes make everything better, right?
Turkey Pieces
I cut my students pieces for them, but if you have older students they may be able to do this quickly. When I am doing crafts like this I like to have everything prepped ahead of time so that the focus of our session can still be on speech and not just creating something.

We were able to target so many language concepts while working on this craft! I used five different colors of feathers that the students named and requested. We worked on the prepositions on and under while constructing the turkeys. We also worked on following directions and using first, next, then vocabulary.
Following directions to put glue on the turkey

Direction words to Make Turkey Craft

You can use this craft to target articulation by either writing articulation words on each feather or by gluing pictures of your words. If you need words, I have a set of great little pictures organized by sound as part of my Glue and Say Bundle.
Turkey Craft with Articulation Words

Finished Turkey Craft with Articulation words
This little turkey turns out so cute! My preschool students have loved taking these out to their parents and showing them off!

If you don't have time to make this turkey craft and need something quick for your articulation students, you can also try this easy to prep packet of Thanksgiving Glue and Say Articulation. These sheets are super easy to just print and use. This is just what you are looking for right before a holiday, right?
Thanksgiving Glue and Say Articulation pages

26 July 2021

Ideas for Playing With Preschoolers in Speech Therapy and Home While Increasing Language

Great ideas for playing with preschoolers while working on language skills

Are you looking for ways to play with preschool-age children? It can be tricky to know what to do to encourage play and language while you are with small children. I know that when I started working with preschool students it took some time to really learn how important play was in their learning. 

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers.

Play is really the work of childhood.

I learned quickly how much language learning happens during play with preschoolers. Here are some tips that you can use today to start playing with your preschoolers while encouraging tons of language! You can also grab this freebie Tips for Playing with Preschoolers that is great for giving to parents to play at home.

playing with preschoolers parent handout

  • Start by noticing what the child is interested in. It could be something they are playing with like some blocks or something they are doing, like jumping on cracks in the sidewalk.
  • Ask if you can join in with them.
  • Go along with what the child is doing.
  • Imitate what they are doing, then try adding your own ideas and see how they react to that addition or imitate. If they are interested, they may imitate you and add on. If they are not interested in that idea, they may move on to something else.


  • Use Self-Talk. Talk about what you are seeing, hearing, or doing using short, simple sentences. "I'm jumping!" or "I'm stacking the blocks. The tower is getting tall!" "Uh-oh, the tower fell."
  • Use Parallel-Talk. Talk about what the child is seeing, hearing, or doing. "You're jumping in the puddle." or "Wow! Your tower is getting tall!"
  • Remember that when you are using self-talk or parallel-talk, you are not requiring the child to repeat you. You are simply exposing the child to rich language.


Man and children playing with box

You don't need flashy toys or games to play with preschoolers. You can have simple staples that work great like blocks, dolls, pretend food items, etc. You can also have things like empty boxes, fabrics, or other items around the house. My favorite toys are tried and true. They have not changed much over the years I have been working with preschoolers. 


children playing at table
With the way I structure my sessions, when students first come into my room I use the first 5 minutes of every session for play. Every time. Never fail. My students love that time to transition into my room. You will gain so much from having your preschoolers play during each session. For your students struggling with their articulation skills, you'll have an opportunity to hear how their intelligibility is improving and which errors are truly impacting that intelligibility over time. For your students working on language skills, you'll have great opportunities to listen to where they are and to also encourage language skills from the above tips. You can incorporate so many language goals into your play, and may not even need to move anywhere else during your session!

I hope these tips help you to become more comfortable with playing with purpose with your preschool students! If you would like a great FREE handout with great tips for parents, sign up for my emails and it will be sent to your inbox.