My PreK Speech Therapy Winter Plans

Winter is such a fun time to use themes in your speech therapy room!
Here are my plans to start working on winter over the next couple of weeks:


Penguin Dance by Jack Hartmann
Winter Hokey Pokey by The Kiboomers


Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright and Stephen Gilpin
The Snowy Day by Ezra  Jack Keats



The Snowy Day Craft- My students LOVED this craft.  Many of my students don't get the opportunity to paint at home, so this is quite a treat for them.  It's really not that messy and turns out really cute! You can also add a small picture of your students' faces to put on the snowsuit. Read more about this craft here: The Snowy Day
The activities included target the most common goal areas that your preschool-age speech and language students are working on: nouns, plurals, verbs, prepositions (in, out, on, off, next to, in front of, over, under), and wh- questions.
Included in this packet:
• 5 Different interactive books - Winter Nouns, Winter Plurals, Winter Prepositions, Winter Actions, and Winter Wh Questions
• 1 Find the Winter Items picture sorting page

  • 1 What is It? Picture page with a riddle/clue page for describing the vocabulary to students.
  • 1 WH Question Visuals page
  • 4 Let's Talk About It page- uses real photographs for students to talk about with many wh-questions that can be asked to drive the discussion.
  • 1 'Books for Winter' picture list of recommended books to use for this theme.
  • 1 Parent Handout page with ideas to send home for play, vocabulary, and discussion with a preschool student, all focusing on the Winter theme.
  • 1 set of black and white Vocabulary Picture Cards for students to take home.
Snowmen! I'm sure I'll bring out the Floof this week with some of my older PreK students. They love to build snowmen in the speech room, and I get so many language opportunities with this activity. Check out this blog post on snowmen for some more winter ideas.
Floof is a fun way to play with snow in the classroom or speech therapy room.
That's what we'll be working on in my room for the next few weeks. If I find any other ideas while we are working, I'll add them here.


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