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My Speech Universe: August 2020

18 August 2020

Apples in the Speech and Language Room


Apples in the Speech Room

Next to summer, fall is definitely my favorite season. I love when you can start to wear sweatshirts and jeans outside, and I love to spend time outdoors with my family. One thing we love to do is go to the apple orchard that is right down the street from us and go apple picking. I decided to bring the apples into the speech room, and it was a big hit with my preschoolers!

Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington


Way Up High in the Apple Tree by the Learning Station


This craft was so much fun to do! We cut apples in half and had the students paint them with green or red paint and then press them on the paper. Sometimes the hidden star from the seeds appeared in our paintings, and sometimes they were just a messy glob of green or red paint, but nobody cared! They all had so much fun smearing the paint on the apples and pressing them down. Everyone was very proud of their work. I used a communication board to help my students have the words they needed to request the different items. You can get this board for free by clicking here.


We pulled out the green and red bingo chips to use on this free mat. We also used Learning Resources Attribute Apples to describe and put into buckets as reinforcers for our articulation work.

Speech and Language Resources:

I love to use this Preschool Language Theme Kit for Apples. The books and activities were a big success. 
preschool language kit apples
Sometimes you may need digital versions of activities with your students. So, I converted all of my Apple Interactive Books into interactive PDFs. These Apples No-Print Preschool Language Speech Therapy Kit have been a hit with my students. They are great because they are no prep and are easy to transport from site to site.

My articulation students loved these Apple Picking Articulation BOOM Cards. They love "picking" the apples and putting them in the basket. I love all of the opportunities for articulation practice!

Things may continue to look different this year in your speech room, but you can still have fun with themes! Stick with me to see how I adapt all of my themes throughout this year.

Have fun!

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29 June 2020

Ice Cream Articulation for Distance Learning and In-Person Speech Therapy

Articulation activities for speech therapy in teletherapy using an ice cream theme

Are you looking for some fun activities that target articulation for distance learning this summer that your students will love? Well, who doesn't love a little ice cream?!?! My own kids have been loving ice cream this summer. They've definitely been eating more than I care to admit. Ok, I might be indulging a bit too. But, who doesn't love ice cream? I'll bet your speech therapy students do! Here are some ideas you can use to incorporate ice cream into your in-person or teletherapy speech sessions.
I love to start sessions with a song to get moving and get some wiggles out.  This Ice Cream Song by Bounce Patrol is a quick, fun song to get started with.
ice cream song for speech therapy

Right before we ended in person therapy for the school year, I found this cute ice cream game.  My 3-5 year old friends LOVED it!  This Balancing Ice Cream Tower Game was a huge hit.  I used it as a reinforcer to target a variety of goals, including articulation. Students would say their target words and then get to pick a scoop. I was also able to use it to target some colors and prepositions.  I loved that you could put the ice cream on the cone or in the cup.  The scoops got a little wobbly on the cone, but my kids didn't care.  They just put them in some bowls from our kitchen and were completely happy.  I think the most we stacked was 6 scoops.
Ice cream articulation reinforcing activities

I found this book Just One More by Jennifer Hansen Rolli when I was working with students on some core vocabulary words.  This book is really cute and simple, making it easy to use in your speech therapy sessions.  There are some great target words that have VC, CV, CVCV, and CVC combinations as well as some consonant blends.
ice cream book using core word more

Late this spring during the time when I was doing teletherapy sessions, I decided to try to make a game that would simulate stacking the scoops of ice cream like we did in the game. From that idea, I created an interactive pdf called Ice Cream Articulation. This set has all of the sounds you need to target in all positions of words in isolation.  I also used the activity to target simple sentences just by having students state a sentence using a sentence starter or making up their own.  
You can grab this FREE version here to see how it works. 
The bundle version contains the following sounds: 
B- all positions

Ch- all positions

D- all positions

F- all positions

G- all positions

H- initial position

J- all positions

K- all positions

L- all positions

L-Blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, mixed)

M- all positions

N- all positions

P- all positions

R- prevocalic and vocalic

R- Blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, mixed)

S- all positions

S- Blends (sc/sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, mixed)

SH- all positions

T- all positions

Th- all positions

V- all positions

W- initial position

Y- initial position

Z- all positions

No print articulation ice cream

You can also grab one of 14 different individual sound sets that contain one or two different sounds.

There you go! Some quick, simple ways to incorporate ice cream into targeting articulation in your speech therapy sessions without all of the sugar or lactose!  



29 May 2020

On the Farm in Speech Therapy

I don't know about you, but digital learning with my 3-5 year olds is making me tired!  For the first few weeks, I felt like I was really scrambling, but now I've gotten into kind of a groove and decided to bring back something that I used in my in-person therapy- THEMES!  I don't have any of my toys at home, so I've had to improvise and use more digital learning activities.

This week, we've been using a farm theme.  Most everything I've done can be used in person or via teletherapy.  Here's what we've been using:

Song: All Around the Farm by (my favorite) Jack Hartmann-  I've used the song for my students who have a case of the wiggles or are working on some prepositions.

Book: Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown- this is a great book full of pictures of all of the animals you would expect to find on a farm.  I've been recording myself reading these books to the students with lots of pauses for questions (I feel a bit like Dora the Explorer).  I send these recordings home to all students once a week along with a one page book companion for them to work on with their parents.  I don't know how I didn't know about this book before, but it is GREAT!  So simple and clear.  My students and their parents have loved this one!

Apps: Peekaboo Barn by Night & Day Studios available on iTunes and Android.  My students love to listen to the sounds and guess who is in the barn.  This app is great for working on expanding utterances, making requests, and naming animals.

Interactive Books:  I've been really busy getting all of these activities ready for this week!  I had the print versions done, printed, and put together actually before this shut down, but hadn't posted them on TpT yet.  I realized that I really wanted a digital version that was similar to my Spring interactive books.  So, I made a new set of NO PRINT Interactive Preschool Language Books for the Farm theme.
no print interactive books for the farm theme

You can also find my print version of these interactive books in the bundle that is available.  This is great for in person therapy, as well as pages to send home with families. 
You can find my Preschool Language Kit: Farm BUNDLE (Print & NO Print) at TpT.

Articulation Activities:  I loved how my Ice Cream NO PRINT Articulation activity came out and wanted to do something similar for this farm theme.  NO PRINT On the Farm Articulation is available at TpT.  My students loved seeing where the animals ended up in the scene!

I also sent home some pages from my Glue and Say Articulation: On the Farm packet.

During this shut down, I give permission for you to send home pages to parents via email.  Did you know you can send home just the pages you want?  Simply select print and then instead of selecting a printer, select 'print to pdf.'  You can select just the pages you want and rename the file so that you can save and send it.

Auditory Memory: This is an older activity packet of mine, but I still love using it.  It is made for in person therapy, but can be adapted.  Auditory Farm is full of sentences, riddles, and stories.  These are better for your elementary students, but can be used with some of your older preschool students too.

Phew! That was a lot of activities!  I forgot how much I loved using the farm theme, but man do I miss my toys!  Hopefully the next time I work on this theme it will be in person!  I hope you can use some of these activities and enjoy them with your students too.

02 February 2020

Valentines Day in the PreK Speech Room

Valentine's Day is coming! This is a great holiday to work on in your speech room.  Everyone can use a little kindness and love, right? This week in my speech room, we'll be working on Valentine's Day related vocabulary and activities.  Here's what we are up to:
Valentine's Day Song by Jack Hartmann
Boom Chicka Boom Valentine's Song by The Learning Station
Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond
This kit has 5 different interactive books to target a variety of goals: actions, nouns, plurals, prepositions, and wh-questions.
There is a Valentine's Day picture sort.
There are four different Let's Talk About It pages that target a variety of wh-questions using real photographs.
There are two pages that focus on Valentine's Day riddles. There are 9 different pictures of Valentine's Day vocabulary words and cards that contain riddles to guess "what is it?"
There are two pages that you can send home to parents to carryover the Valentine's Day theme.
Last, there is a picture list of some Valentine's Day favorite books to use in your speech room.
To work on articulation during Valentine's Day season, I have these articulation pages that are super easy to print and use for all of my student's articulation sounds. My student's LOVE using glue to put their words up onto the hearts.  I usually cut the pictures out quickly before they start, but if your students are working on cutting and you have time, they could cut out the pictures too.  These are also great to send home for homework.

Valentine's Day Craft
I bought these heart "doilies" and am planning on having students glue them to red or pink paper and then glue some articulation words (from my Glue and Say Articulation packet) to the hearts.  For students that don't have articulation words, we'll either glue vocabulary words (from my PreK Language Theme Kit) or follow directions by decorating with stickers, crayons, stampers, and maybe some glitter glue.  Have I mentioned that my kids LOVE to glue things? LOL!
**update!  The craft turned out great!  My students LOVED gluing everything onto the pages.  Have I mentioned they love to glue things? LOL!!! 

Have a great time with Valentine's Day!

05 January 2020

My PreK Speech Therapy Winter Plans

Winter is such a fun time to use themes in your speech therapy room!
Here are my plans to start working on winter over the next couple of weeks:


Penguin Dance by Jack Hartmann
Winter Hokey Pokey by The Kiboomers


Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright and Stephen Gilpin
The Snowy Day by Ezra  Jack Keats



The Snowy Day Craft- My students LOVED this craft.  Many of my students don't get the opportunity to paint at home, so this is quite a treat for them.  It's really not that messy and turns out really cute! You can also add a small picture of your students' faces to put on the snowsuit. Read more about this craft here: The Snowy Day
The activities included target the most common goal areas that your preschool-age speech and language students are working on: nouns, plurals, verbs, prepositions (in, out, on, off, next to, in front of, over, under), and wh- questions.
Included in this packet:
• 5 Different interactive books - Winter Nouns, Winter Plurals, Winter Prepositions, Winter Actions, and Winter Wh Questions
• 1 Find the Winter Items picture sorting page

  • 1 What is It? Picture page with a riddle/clue page for describing the vocabulary to students.
  • 1 WH Question Visuals page
  • 4 Let's Talk About It page- uses real photographs for students to talk about with many wh-questions that can be asked to drive the discussion.
  • 1 'Books for Winter' picture list of recommended books to use for this theme.
  • 1 Parent Handout page with ideas to send home for play, vocabulary, and discussion with a preschool student, all focusing on the Winter theme.
  • 1 set of black and white Vocabulary Picture Cards for students to take home.
Snowmen! I'm sure I'll bring out the Floof this week with some of my older PreK students. They love to build snowmen in the speech room, and I get so many language opportunities with this activity. Check out this blog post on snowmen for some more winter ideas.
Floof is a fun way to play with snow in the classroom or speech therapy room.
That's what we'll be working on in my room for the next few weeks. If I find any other ideas while we are working, I'll add them here.